8 Ways To Extend The Service Life Of Your Rubber Tracks

Posted by Todd Swift - Prowler Tracks on Apr 09, 2024

Rubber Track Care and MaintenanceProwler MFG extensive expertise developing a premium Rubber Track system for compact construction equipment gives our buyers and dealers piece-of-mind that they are investing in a superior product. But to get the most out of your new rubber tracks requires proper care and maintenance. Here are eight essential guidelines to maximize the lifespan and effectiveness of your Prowler Rubber Tracks:

  1. Proper Installation And Tension: Keeping the correct tension on your Rubber Tracks is paramount. Over tighten tracks can cause premature wear on your drive sprocket, idler wheels, and steel link embeds. Consult your machine's operating manual for precise instructions on tension maintenance.
  2. Inspect Undercarriage Components: Regularly check undercarriage components such as sprockets, rollers, and idlers for signs of wear. A seized up roller, or a worn drive sprocket can and will cause premature wear or damage to your new track. (regardless of the brand) 
  3. Watch Surface Conditions: Be mindful of the surfaces you operate your machine on. Limit use on large, sharp rocky surfaces and avoid sharp steel edges that could potentially damage the Rubber Tracks. If you need to operate within these types of conditions, be mindful of the risk.
  4. Avoid Sharp Turns: Fast, sharp turns and side slope maneuvers should be avoided whenever possible to prevent unnecessary strain on the Rubber Tracks and undercarriage components.
  5. Prevent Foreign Object Entanglement: Keep an eye out for large foreign objects that could become entangled in the undercarriage, potentially causing damage to the Rubber Tracks. Its always good practice to take a few minutes to walk your work area and remove, or mark and potential hazards like this.
  6. Avoid Sidewall Contact: Driving with Rubber Track sidewall edges pressing against walls, street curbs, or other objects should be avoided to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.
  7. Clean Oil Spills Promptly: If oil or similar substances come into contact with the Rubber Tracks, clean it off promptly. Over time, oil can degrade the quality of the rubber.
  8. Store Indoors When Possible: When storing your machine for an extended period, aim to keep it indoors away from rain and direct sunlight. If outdoor storage is unavoidable, consider covering the machine to protect it from the elements.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your Rubber Tracks maintain optimal performance and longevity, ultimately maximizing your investment in your purchase from Prowler, or any other rubber track manufacturer for that matter.

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