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Prowler Rubber Track SalesIf you require replacement rubber tracks for your mini excavator, track loader, mini skid steer, or any other track machine, you've landed in the right spot. We offer an extensive range of Prowler Rubber Tracks designed to fit over four thousand makes and models. But these tracks are not your typical aftermarket variety. Here are some key benefits of the Prowler Track design:

  • All-natural rubber is crafted using a unique combination of additives, including carbon black, synthetics, and polymers. Prior to being molded into rubber sheets, they undergo chemical enhancement to ensure robust protection against ozone exposure, rigorous usage, and typical aging.
  • Two bands of continuously wound steel cables, encased in a thick layer of vulcanized rubber, serve to shield them from separation, deep gouges caused by sharp debris, and moisture.
  • Heavy-duty steel links offer an excellent rolling path for your machine's lower rollers. Additionally, they provide the essential tensile strength necessary to absorb moderate to severe impacts when navigating obstacles and bearing the full weight of your machine and its load.
  • A high durometer rating indicates excellent resistance to abrasion and gouging. This D-shore rating specifically pertains to the hardness of the rubber, quantifying the amount of pressure required to indent its surface.
  • Optional tread designs tailored to the specific applications you frequently engage in are advantageous. Machines such as Compact Track Loaders derive the greatest benefits from having a range of tread options, enhancing both performance and efficiency.

You can purchase with confidence when you choose Prowler Rubber Tracks for your compact construction equipment. Orders placed before 2:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday, will be shipped the same day.

Be sure to always inspect and replace worn undercarriage components before you outfit your machine with new replacement tracks to ensure the maximum service life of your investment.

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