How To Read Skid Steer Wheel Offsets

Posted by Todd Swift on Jan 31, 2017

We wanted to give you an example on how to read Skid Steer Wheel Offsets so you have a better understanding on how it affects your machine and it's uses.

In the diagram below, we show a skid steer wheel with a Green Line down the center (aka: Zero Offset) that represents the "Bolt Plate" position in the example.

If you were to move the Bolt Plate inward toward the machine, that is considered an "Outset Measurement", and if you were to move the Bolt Plate outward away from the machine, that is considered as a "Inset Measurement".

For example, a Case 1835C Skid Steer has a 0.38-I Offset. That means that if you were to move the Bolt Plate .38 of an inch Inset from the Center Line (i.e. Zero Position), that would give you the correct offset for that particular machine.

Another example is a Kubota SSV65 Skid Steer that has a 0.25-O Offset. That means the Bolt Plate is .25 of an inch Outset from the center line.

(When reading our wheel sizes, the last letter will be either an "I for Inset" or "O for Outset")

Some skid steers you can reverse the wheels to change the stance on your machine without affecting its operation. A wider stance will make the machine more stable if working on hillsides, and can potentially allow for the use of Over The Tire Tracks without the need of Wheel Spacers.

A more narrow stance will allow you to work in areas that are less accessible like Dairy Barns. Some operators may even reverse their wheels so that they are not exceeding the width of their bucket or attachment.

Another method of measuring the offset of the wheel when the offset is not known, is by measuring down from the lip of the wheel (stem side), down to the bolt plate. This can be used to determine what wheel your machine requires, in the event you just need one wheel to match the other three (3) on your machine.

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